Le 15 septembre

The focus over the last week has been on empowering students. They are readers, writers and mathematicians. They are kind, helpful and creative. What a joy to see their abilities and talents!

Our 2 class rules are:

  1. Sois gentil. Be nice.
  2. Aide les autres. Help others.

We have been reading books about kindness as well as books for fun!

What else have we been doing?

Children practice printing words they find with the sound é using mini whiteboards and visual dictionaries.

  • French
    • Our focus is the sound é as in bébé – makes the long a sound as in cake
    • Journal writing
    • Show and Tell- asking questions, sharing comments in French
    • Reading and writing colours- review from gr.1 to build confidence!
    • Building sight words that students can read without sounding out, such as colours, and building phonetic knowledge, such as the sound é,  together support children’s reading skills.
  • Math
    • Using ten frames to add to ten
    • Finding many solutions to an open-ended problem
    • Focusing on ways to make 10
    • 10 is our MAGIC number! Making ten supports our mental math skills.
  • Social Studies
    • We have started learning about Canada
  • Visual Arts
    • The book Joyeux reveur inspired painting, colouring, cutting and gluing our own scenes of children flying through the sky.

Children are building their stamina. A good night’s sleep and breakfast go a long way to support learning:)

September Show and Tell

This month, students will bring in an object for Show & Tell to share in French. Please have your child prepare in advance so that he/ she may see me for help with any special vocabulary.

Topic this month:

Choose an object that represents a sport or activity that you like to do in your free time.

The object should be reasonably sized to fit into a mystery bag (the bag is approx. 30 cm x 40 cm). Students will play 20 questions to try and guess the activity. Then the presenter will tell us about what sport or activity he/she likes to do and why in FRENCH.


A sport you participate in.

An art activity you love to do at home.

A club that you are a part of.

An outdoor activity that you love to do with your family.

Special note: Many children love to play with toys in their free time! Please try and avoid your child bringing a toy to school for Show and Tell. Try and focus on an activity. For example if your child likes Lego, he/she could talk about building and constructing. If your child likes Barbies, he/she could talk about role playing and imagination games. 

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school! Welcome to our grade two blog.

The first day of school for grades 1 to 7 is Tuesday, September 7th, 10:30 am to noon. All students will line up outside and go to the same classroom as last year. Then, students will be invited to their new classrooms.

The Year Ahead

Once the year gets rolling, we will introduce Show & Tell and a Home Reading Program for students. Students will be using agendas. Our focus will be on re-establishing our French during the first few weeks of school. We will also be reviewing math concepts from grade one.

What to Bring to School

  1. Water bottle: Students may keep water bottles on their desks as long as the bottles don’t leak. A sport or straw top is a popular choice. Water bottles should be washed at home regularly.
  2. Healthy snack and lunch.
  3. Active footwear: Students should wear running shoes daily. We often exercise on days that we do not have gym. Indoor running shoes will also be needed once weather gets wet. Flip flops, open-toed sandals and dress shoes are not good choices for school.
  4. Pencil Case: Each student can bring a small fun pencil case that fits inside his/her desk. Other school supplies will be provided.
  5. A box of kleenex/ tissues to contribute to the class supply for the year.
  6. A positive attitude toward learning and French.

Pick Up

As was the routine last year, parents will be asked to pick up children outside of school grounds, at a meeting spot at the perimeter of the grounds. Our class will exit through the doors by the intermediate playground. There is a yellow gate nearby which is a good meeting spot. If you also have a younger child, you may wish that your child walk down to the primary playground and meet you there. Please discuss a meeting spot with your child so he/she knows where to find you:)

Hopefully everyone will have a fabulous first week back!

End of Year!

The end of the school year is near….

Today, students will be bringing home most of their school belongings.

On Tuesday, students will bring home remaining items and their report cards. School will be dismissed at 11:30.

I am so proud of the students’ achievements this year! The children have reflected on their own learning throughout the year, and their reflection journal will be included in the report card envelope. Take the time to look at this workbook with your child to discover their joys, challenges, accomplishments and goals for grade three.

This summer, the public library’s summer reading is a fabulous, fun way to keep the enjoyment of reading alive throughout the summer. Visit. tnrl.ca

We watched this great video that describes the program this summer.

Enjoy the summer holidays and I look forward to catching up with your child in September!

Mme Harmatuk

Le 21 juin

Today is National Indigenous People’s Day.

As such, the school started the day with the Welcome Song. During our day, we also learned more about Aboriginal culture.

We talked about the significance of the circle. We see a medicine wheel divided into 4 equal parts. We watched this video about hoop dancing and all the primary classes went outside to tie fabric onto a medicine wheel near the primary playground.

This afternoon, we watched a short animated story in a series called Molly of Denali. She is a girl who lives in Alaska, and each episode teaches an aspect of Indigenous culture. You can search episodes on Youtube if your child is interested in watching more.

Today is a significant day in nature, being the summer solstice. Children have learned about the midnight sun in northern Canada as we have studied the Inuit culture this term. Enjoy your sunshine today!

Le 16 juin

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of grade two!

We are into our final week of home reading. The more children read, the better readers they become! Encourage your child to read daily this week as achievements will still be recognized next Wednesday. Next week, please send all home reading books back to school.

Over the summer, the public library has a reading program anyone can participate in. The library has books in both French and English, so enjoy the summer and keep reading!

Financial Literacy

We are learning about money this week in math! Our focus in grade two is on coins and adding to 1$. We observed and named all Canadian coins yesterday. Today, children practiced counting nickels.

If you have some coins at home, it would be great for the students to look at real coins and name their value. If you have more than one nickel, they can count some nickels tonight! Next week, will be adding different coins together (for example: 25cents + 10 cents + 10 cents). Playing store is a great way to learn about using money to buy things and budgeting as well!

May / June Show and Tell

For our final Show and Tells before the summer, students have free choice! Students may share any topic they wish. The main goal is to express ideas in detail, in French.


  • A personal experience
  • A favourite item from home
  • Spring activities
  • Summer plans
  • Someone special
  • Something  you love!

Le 14 avril

Today students learned about some shapes used in the art of North-West Indigenous Peoples. Children listened to a legend about an orca whale, then drew whale tails, trigons, circles, ovoids and crescents in their own orca whales. Thanks to Mme Jules for helping us explore shapes and water in relation to the math, science and social studies curriculums that we are learning about during this term.

North-West Indigenous Art

Students draw shapes in their own orca whales.

Le jeudi 8 avril


We are deep into a unit about shapes! We have been working with 2-D and 3-D shape vocabulary. We have named shapes, sorted shapes and described shapes. Today, children were using tangrams to create 2-D images, and used construction pieces to create 3-D shapes.


Prisme triangulaire

Tangrams – 2D shapes

We made circles, rectangles and triangles and use them to create Spring Ducklings!