Chandail rose

Pink Shirt day will be recognized on WEDNESDAY this week.

We will continue to explore fairy tales that challenge stereotypes and promote empathy. We will watch and discuss the following video this week as well. Thanks to our guest stuffies who very responsible and participated in reading and math activities on Friday! They are welcome to come back for another visit again this year:)

21 février

We have a few special things coming up at school:

  1. Bannock Feb.29
  2. Pancake Pyjama Day Feb.23
  3. Presenting plays in class

Please let me know if you child CANNOT have bannock. These are the ingredients:

Baking powder
Cooked in Vegetable cooking oil.
On Friday, children can wear pyjamas to school,and should still bring a snack and lunch to school. Your child can bring a stuffie too! The stuffie needs to be SMALL enough to sit in the desk with room to work and eat. Also, stuffies have accident, so a precious heirloom should probably let a stuffie friend come to class instead of having a mishap!
In French, children have been reading and rehearsing fairy tales that they will present to the class. Narrators may dress more formally on presentation day, and other characters may want to organize costumes (ears for an animal, an apron, a dress, yellow for a duck, grey or brown for a wolf etc). On Friday, children will record their character and their costume ideas in the agenda. Please help your child to organize what they need. Please don’t purchase anything! Simple items or crafts at home is fine. We will set a presentation date soon.
Lastly, we are working on 2-digit plus 2-digit addition. Some children have strong skills already, while others are finding this difficult. Some work will come to see where your child is at. I worked with some children one-on-one. See if your child is able to correct work at home, or if they need help. We are not “carrying.” Your child can solve equations multiple ways such as:
  • 69+12= 70+11= 81
  • 69+12… 69+10=79+2= 81 (this is a way to use a 100 chart more efficiently if your child needs a chart for support at this time)

Happy Wednesday! It’s wet and muddy on our field- send rainpants or snow pants please!

Mme Harmatuk


February 12

We have been learning so much at school!

This winter, students reflected on their superpowers, and made buttons with a special guest!


We learned to measure with our hands, feet, fingers, bodies, strings and paperclips! We are now measuring with centimeters and meters. For extra practice, you can measure with your child at home using a ruler or tape measure.

We are also adding to 100, and you will see some work come home today. We are adding 2-digit plus 2-digit numbers.


We have been learning about states of matter, in particular: solid, liquid and gas. A cheerios activity representing molecules is being sent home. Next, we will investigate water in its different states, as well as physical and chemical changes of matter.


We have been reading traditional and modern fairy tales. Today, we planned our own fairy tale as a class. Tomorrow it the big day, when planning and then writing children’s own fairy tales will begins. Authors and illustrators will be at work this month!


The children have learned to use chromebooks. They can log in, find google classroom, and work on coding activities.

Social Studies

We have begun learning about communities across Canada! Today, we will hear the Indigenous legend of how Niagara Falls was created, connecting Indigenous perspectives to a community that was shared during Show and Tell. We have also learned as a class about Ontario and about the Quebec festival Carnaval. There are some videos on the blog if you would like to watch at home! We will have a field trip Friday to enjoy Carnaval in Kamloops!


We have been setting goals around the grandfather teaching of the swan, and have learned that honesty includes being a good example, following rules, making good choices and calming down in order to make good decisions. Students have been recording success with these goals in their reflection journals which will be sent home prior to the second term report card so that you can review their learning. Journals will then be sent back to school please for more learning during the third term.


February / March Show and Tell

February/March Show & Tell:

A Canadian Community

Our next focus will be on the many diverse communities in Canada! Each student will choose a community in Canada to research at home. The information will be shared with the class so that we can build our communal knowledge of Canada and appreciate its diversity. Show and Tell is also an opportunity to develop French speaking skills.

Step 1:

Choose a community outside of B.C. but in Canada. Locate it on a map of Canada. Say the name of the community and its province or territory in French. (We have learned them).

Step 2:

Find out some interesting facts about the community. (Culture, landscape, activities).

Share a few sentences with us.

Step 3:

Bring in an image that represents the community. For example:

-a photo

-a postcard

-a drawing

Write the name of the community on or beside the image.

If a student wishes to also bring in an object or souvenir, visual aids are welcome!


We would love to borrow the image so that we can create a bulletin board with images across Canada. Keep your image postcard-sized or smaller if possible please so that we can fit 19 of them on our wall! Thanks.


It is nice to have a variety of communities: capital cities, small towns, Indigenous communities, tourist destinations and faraway communities where your relatives may live!


Please share your first and second choice with Madame so that we can avoid repetition AND learn about communities in all of our provinces and territories

Le 18 janvier

Our learning this January is underway!


We have read many fairy tales to learn about the genre and how stories are structured. We have also read some fables, stories and fairy tales during guided reading in small groups with the teacher.

Our sounds this week and last were en and an(like “aw” with your nose pinched!)

We are writing winter words and learned to be a word artist. Some students are trying cursive handwriting for fun!


We are building our skills in order to add and subtract to 100. Our current focus is adding 10, 20 or 30 to a number, and subtracting 10, 20 and 30 from a number.

We will begin a measurement unit soon.

We continue to read and make bar graphs.

Social Studies

We have been learning about Manitoba and the Metis.


We began a badminton unit.

Unplug and play

Many activities will be happening next week to promote literacy:

  • Monday- the school will drop everything and read!
  • Wednesday- wear a shirt with words! (avoid a brand; a positive word or message is encouraged)
  • Thursday- dress as a favourite book character
  • Friday- colour your own bookmark


Please hand in your skating permission form.

PAC lunch this Friday, booster juice next Friday.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a nice break from the routine with their families. Now we are back at it! Please help your child get organized with the following items for January:

  • INDOOR SHOES-  a few children need to bring indoor shoes back to school. Label them please!
  • An over-the-door hook for the locker to hang wet snow pants and outerwear.
  • Listening headphones to be left at school until June. They need an audio jack for chromebooks and ipads & a built-in microphone. LABEL the headphones and send them in a LABELLED bag or case.
  • A labelled bag of extra items for the locker- gloves, socks, pants/leggings.

Cold weather and snow are in the forecast. Please ensure your child is prepared and comes to school with warm outerwear, a tuque and mittens this week. Extra items can be left in the locker in case an items is forgotten or lost one day.

Our January calendar and skating permission forms will be sent home. A reminder of routine items needed at school:

  • Water bottle.
  • Agenda.
  • Library- Wednesdays
  • Reading Folder- Thursdays

Help your child get a great sleep tonight. Our first week back at school might be tiring for everyone,

Mme Harmatuk

Last week before break!

We will have many special days next week!

Monday- Tropical Day

Children may wear sunglasses, flower necklaces, tropical shirts… It’s important to still dress appropriately for outdoor winter weather.

Tuesday- Fancy Day

Our students are also encouraged to wear “nice” clothes for our afternoon and evening concerts. NO tall headwear please! NO Santa hats, NO antlers and NO large bows as these obstruct the view of faces behind students in the concert. Indoor shoes for the evening concert please. No snow boots on stage.

Wednesday- Pajama Day

Children can wear pajamas to school. It will also be our winter fun day, where older students will organize activities for us all morning. Be on time for school as we will divide into groups first thing in the morning and go to different rooms throughout the school for our activities.  NO stuffies please. We have had a lot of lice recently at school, so stuffies can stay home please. I told the students that later this school year, we can organize a day to bring stuffies to school.

Thursday- Matching Day

Children can wear something to match friends- matching socks, bow, colours… I will wear some RED if any students want to match me! We will also  have a board game afternoon in our class. Children may bring board games or card games appropriate for grade 2 to school to play with friends. No electronics please. Also, if a game is precious, it’s best to leave at home. Label items also.

Friday- Winter Sweater Day

Children can wear festive or winter themed sweaters. We will have a sing-along in the gym that morning. It’s a booster juice day too! Lockers will be cleaned out before the break. Please send an extra bag if you think your child needs one to bring extra clothes, tuques, mitts etc home for the break. You can check sizes at home, and restock lockers in January.


We are growing and measuring an amaryllis flower in our class! If you would like to babysit it over the holidays, email me!

Le 11 décembre


  • Our focus is the sound eau which makes the long o sound in nose.
  • We are reading and writing holiday and winter vocabulary.


  • We continue to add and subtract, and to work with tens and ones.
  • We are building 3D shapes.

Bake sale

  • This Wednesday, there will be a bake sale during snack. Items cost 1$. They will also visit on Thursday and Friday, should your child be absent or forgot and wish to participate.


  • LABEL YOUR CHILD’S OUTERWEAR! Many items are found in the hallway- extra clothes, boots, coats, hoodies, gloves, tuques… and if this items are labelled, it gives us a chance to find the owner before items are sent to the lost and found. The custodian removes any items left on the ground daily. Also remind your child to wear winter boots home at the end of each school day.
  • Hooks: with snow on the horizon, and many children coming to school with snow pants, I request that you send your child to school with a labelled over the door hook or large command hook so that snow pants can hang on the outside of the locker. A hook that fits tightly is ideal, as loose metal hooks can fall and hurt children. A hook with 2 hooks at most- a hook with 3 hooks is too big for our lockers.


  • After the break, we will be ice skating. You may wish to have your child try on old skates at home to see if they fit, or organize borrowing some skates ahead of time. LGES has some skates, but they are not in the best condition. If you would like to borrow them, you can arrange a time to see me before/after school, and I can take you to the skate room to try skates on. We will wait until closer to the date.
  • We will be using chromebooks after the winter break. I will be asking children to bring in their own headphones. They need to have a built-in microphone, and a narrow prong to go through iPad cases in case we use those as well. Your child can bring them back home in June.  If your child doesn’t own any, there’s a holiday gift idea!


  • A reminder that our concert will be on Tuesday, Dec.19th. The office has sent out emails regarding tickets.

Le 7 décembre


  • Our focus is the sound au in auto. This is the long o sound as in nose. Be careful! Some students get an mixed up with au .
  • Students continue to  read in a small group with the teacher and to write in their journals.
  • Some writing from this autumn will also come home today.


  • Our focus is on 3D solids. I am proud that the students are becoming familiar with naming them in French!
  • Children continue to explore 2D shapes, addition and subtraction.

Food Donations

  • We have a box in our class to accept food donations until Tuesday, Dec. 19th. We also have a jar to collect cash donations. Please clarify with your child if they bring money, that it is to donate in our jar as we have various canteen and bake sales in December as well. Donations will also be accepted at the K-5 winter concert on Dec. 19th.
  • Canned beans, soup, fruit and vegetables are needed. Rice, dry pasta and tinned fish are also needed.

Montre et raconte – décembre

Ma famille


Tell us about your family! You can bring in a photo or two, a drawing, or an object to represent your family this December. You may include pets:)


Who is in your family?

What is a tradition or activity you like to do together?

What do you like to do in the winter?


Sample sentence starters:


Dans ma famille, il y a… 

Ma soeur (my sister), mon frère, mon père, ma maman, ma belle-mère (step-mother), mon beau-père (step-father), moi!

You can also just name family members:)


J’aime ________ avec ma famille.


Chez moi, il y a _____________.


Mme Harmatuk’s Example:

Dans ma famille, il y a Siena, Henry, Shane et moi.

Pendant les vacances d’hiver, j’aime patiner sur la glace.

J’aime aller dehors avec ma famille en hiver.

Chez moi, il y a un sapin de noël dans la maison.


Helpful verbs – J’aime + infinitive of verb

Manger, aller, voyager, visiter, cuisinier, jouer, marcher, chanter, patiner

Faire du toboggan, faire du ski…